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The intial concept of the book Ageing and stabilisation of paper was to summarise the research within Papylum. However, due to the kind collaboration of experts in the field of paper degradation outside the consortium, we can now proudly present a book which offers a state-of -the-art review of  the topic - and more:

Discussions  of the following are included:
- general aspects of polymer degradation;
- an account of research methodology;
- oxidative degradation of paper;
- acid-catalysed hydrolysis of paper;
- photodegradation of paper;
- a chapter on optimised storage;
- possibilites for stabilisation of paper.

The book is available electronically as a pdf file here.

(Please note that the layout of the electronic version may be slightly different to the printed one.)

The book is still available in the printed format (ISBN 961-6551-03-5) partly full-colour on lignin-free paper, bound in soft covers, 16.5 x 24 cm, 210 pages. Published by the National and University Library, Ljubljana, 2005. It is distributed free of charge. Contact:
Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
University of Ljubljana
  Matija Strlic


Askerceva 5
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Papylum. Anno MMV